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Dec. 8th, 2019 11:23 pm
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Anything I'm doing wrong? Right? Just want to get in touch?

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[A. Action for Housemates: Carrie has slowly been getting used to Mayfield. Very slowly. The most important thing she has to cope with, Mamma isn't here. Mamma isn't here so there's no one to yell at her, make her wear horrible clothing, lock her in her closet. But people show up here, and she doesn't have her power anymore. She's defenceless again.....

After Christmas she understands what people mean about this place. It is evil. But also....there's things for her. Mamma never gave her presents, not one's like this. And taking the things out of her stocking, she looks at them with wonder. Make-up, mamma wouldn't like that. Magazines, Mamma would hate that. Candy, chocolate. ...a doll.

She almost leaves with her things, back to her room. She doesn't expect anything else. She'd made half hearted cards for her "family" members. But she wasn't sure if they'd want them, so she never gave them to them. But then she see's under the tree. A package and an envelope addressed to her. Curiously she walks over and picks it up. The envelope has a piece of paper inside it. A broken light-bulb and when she touches it, it vanishes and her head hurts for a moment. After a moment she slowly opens the package. Inside is....

A dress covered in blood.

Suddenly every light in the room breaks and Carrie stares in horror at the bloody dress she's holding. Still dripping onto the floor.]

[Phone call. Much later]

Hello...Mayfield. I...I know people ask questions on here. I was wondering....

Can ....people move things ...with their minds?

[B. Carrie is outside the church looking up at it. She wasn't sure if she wanted to go in. So right now she's just huddled off to the side, staring at it.

C. Sitting on her secluded park bench again. Staring at a pinecone in the snow again as well. This time however, as she stares at it...the pinecone slowly starts to rise in the air.]
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[She wakes up. And for one wonderful moment she thinks it was a dream. It was only a dream. She hadn't gone to the prom yet. She hadn't been laughed at, she hadn't been made a fool of, she hadn't killed them... momma hadn't stabbed her...
She looks around the room and....and....she's in a strange place in a white nightgown....]

[Housemates you may hear a muffled scream and crash as Carrie backs up and falls out of bed, hand covering her mouth in horror.
Is she dead? Was she kidnapped? Was last night a dream? What's going on?]

[Phone: There is a small voice on the phone.]

....Please. I think I've been kidnapped. I don't know why but I shouldn't be here. me.

[A. Walking the streets of Mayfield. Alone. She's Mayfield you've seen this look before. Confusion, mixed with awe and horror. You have a new resident among you. One trying to go by as unnoticed as possible.
B. The park. Carrie is sitting on a bench and staring at a pinecone in the snow. Staring and staring..... when it fails to move, or after a few moments she looks shocked and afraid. No it's gone. It's gone. Her one gift, it's gone.

C. The church. Momma didn't like the churches back home. But Carrie ends up here anyway. She'll pray and maybe this time she'll get an answer. Maybe if she really was .... dead, god would answer. She'll walk in looking shy and lost and find a quiet spot to pray if no one stops her.]


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